Outline of NRIB

Facility Appearance of NRIB

As a research institute for alcoholic beverages, NRIB strives to achieve the following legally defined goals:

  1. To achieve a suitable and fair imposition of liquor tax.
  2. To achieve a sound development of alcoholic beverages industry.
  3. To enhance people's awareness of alcoholic beverages.

We aim to contribute to the development of the alcoholic beverage industries, as well as to comfortable lives in the 21st century in Japan, through our research and other operations.

Main service

1. Advanced analysis and evaluation of alcoholic beverages

  • Analysis and evaluation, as well as development of methods.
  • Improvement of analysis methods set by the National Tax Agency.

2. Quality evaluation of alcoholic beverages

  • Holding Awards & Contests. (Sake, Honkaku Shochu)
  • Support for various quality evaluation and contests etc.

3. Research and investigation into alcoholic beverages and related business

  • Research into alcoholic beverages.
  • Joint and contracted research, publication of research results, patent application.

4. Dissemination of research results

  • Dissemination of patents/study results, distribution of microorganism resources.
  • Holding cultural lectures for consumers, facility tours, and open days.
  • Acceptance of overseas researchers, international technical cooperation.

5. Collection, arrangement, and pubication of information

  • Pubication of booklets, leaflets, web pages, etc. on alcoholic beverages.
  • Technical consultation/consultation for consumers on alcoholic beverages.

6. Training courses and Seminars

  • Training courses and Seminars for alcoholic beverage manufacturers/distributors.

7. Other business

  • Cooperation with academic institutions and research groups.